The Story of Our Families

Bret & Chris PerrenoudOwner

Bret and Chris Perrenoud have been in the Texas wine business combined for over 44 years.

Chris is 6th generation Texan, born in Fredericksburg. After starting a part-time job while attending college at a new winery, she fell in love with the industry. Bret & Chris shifted their education majors to the Texas wine industry. Chris is actually responsible for getting Bret his first interview in the wine trade. There his passion for business and agriculture combined in a truly unique manner. With 2 children on their way out of the house and off to college, Bret and Chris decided now was the time to write their own piece of Texas wine history. They are both excited to bring passion for excellence in Texas wine while encouraging travelers to discover gems along the way.

John & Susie BernardOwner

John and Susie Bernard live in Fredericksburg and have 5 kids and 7 grandchildren between the two of them. They are very involved in the community and both are very familiar with the hospitality industry. John moved to Fredericksburg when he started a restaurant, met Susie, and fell in love. John is from New Iberia, LA is a cajun, has been in the oil & gas industry most of his life, and has many varied businesses and interests. Susie hails from Miami, FL, is from an old restaurateur family, but has lived in Texas most of her life and considers herself a Texan. She was in the direct sales industry for 35 years which enabled her to fulfill her desire to be a stay-at-home mom, while at the same time, helping provide for her family. Both Susie and John have been blessed to be able to work hard to accomplish the successes they enjoy.